The Table below contains all the claims. These claims can be assigned to roles or directly to users.

Privileges Users
Show Privileges Add User
Change/Edit User
Roles Delete User
Add Roles View Users
Change/Edit Roles Reset Users' Password
Delete Roels Assign Role to Users
View Roles Delete Role from Users
Assign Privileges to Roles Assign Privilege to Users
Delete Privileges to Roles Delete Privilege from Users
client group Client
Add client groups Add Client
Change/Edit client groups Change/Edit Client
Delete client groups Delete Client
View client groups View Clients
Activate client groups Activate Client
Deactivate client groups Deactivate Client
IpSet IP addresses
Add IP-Set Add IP Addresses
Delete IP-Set Change/Edit IP Addresses
Edit IP-Set Delete IP Addresses
View IP Sets View IP Addresses
Chain Rule
Add Chain Add Rule
Change/Edit Chain Change/Edit Rule
Delete Chain Delete Rule
View Chain View Rule
Add Licence
Change License