The Simplest Linux
Firewall Automation

Create and deploy your advanced firewall rules on your servers without the need to work on the terminal.

Easy To Use Interface

ERWALL enables you to define complex iptables rules from a web interface and easily deploy them to your servers.

Simultaneous Deploys

ERWALL provides Client Groups feature which enables you to deploy your configurations on many servers at once.

Client Groups

Group your servers to ease IPTables management and apply same firewall settings on each of them.


Use IPSets while defining rules. it provides benefits in terms of both computational complexity and ease of use.


Installation for Debian Distributions

For Gnu/Linux distributions other than Debian-based ones, you can follow the manual installation guide from documents.

$ curl -sLO && sudo apt install ./erwall-server.deb

$ curl -sLO && sudo apt install ./erwall-client.deb

IPTables Management
Has Never Been Easier

By using ERWALL, you do not have to deal with complicated terminal commands. All you need to do is to enter the web interface and then you can manage your server’s network traffic from there.

  • Define once, deploy to many
  • Configure default and custom rulesets
  • Manage users and priviliges
  • Create efficient rules with IPSets


Everybody needs to benefit from ERWALL. So we made it affordable for everyone.

Free up to 5 Servers!

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  • 10 Servers
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